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Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Mathematics competition (GHMMC)is an international competition founded by the Greater Bay Area in China. It establishes friendship across different countries and stimulates children and youngsters’ interest in learning mathematics and improve the ability of scientific thinking.

Since 2020, GHMMC does not only limit to the participation of students from the Greater Bay Area in China, but also allow the participation of students, institutes and organizations worldwide. GHMMC Global Committee hopes that the globalization of this mathematics events can promote global exchanges and cooperation between mathematics educators from various countries and promote the development of mathematics education.

粵港澳數學競賽(GHMMC)是一個起初由粵港澳大灣區發起的一項國際性競賽。 此項活動在過往的日子了建立了來自不同國家的友誼,激發了兒童和青少年學習數學的興趣,提高了科學思維能力。

自2020年起,GHMMC不僅限於大灣區學生的參與,更允許來自全球不同國家、地區的學生、機構和組織一起參與。 透過此項數學活動的全球化,GHMMC全球委員會希望可促進各國數學教育工作者之間的交流與合作,促進數學教育的發展。